SkillsNET’s holistic approach, 25 years in the making, is to enable organizations to optimize their workforce to meet the changing market forces by providing the next generation of foundational human capital enterprise technology and solutions, regardless of size of industry. Through advancing the science of skills content management, we architect best practices and service solutions for clients. Since SkillsNET’s inception, we have focused on bringing different constituencies together to apply skill standards in workforce development and the delivery of online skills training. The SkillsNET approach combines a strong quantitative orientation with the best theories and methods available in the behavioral and social sciences. The distinguishing characteristic of SkillsNET is our multidisciplinary problem-solving capability. From the full range of social science methods, SkillsNET selects those approaches that are best suited to the particular problems we are called on to address.

More than a “consulting firm”, and not just another software company, our multidisciplinary approach examines the needs of your company as a whole, and provides realistic solutions based on science, technology, and experience. The SkillsNET team includes a fleet of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Application Developers, and other specialized employees dedicated to delivering fast, effective, and user-friendly solutions to meet the challenges of workforce management. We strive to advance the science of workforce analysis and the integration and utilization of strategic work, worker, and workplace data in all aspects of business. Our commitment to creating new and innovative processes, algorithms, methodologies, and software applications is the driving force that allows us to empower and support organizations in their efforts to effectively manage their workforce.

Every organization, regardless of industry or sector, needs to understand how its employees perform its jobs. Strategic decisions about personnel and organizational direction are greatly influenced by the knowledge of job performance throughout the organization. Potential employees are selected from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applicants based on a manager’s understanding of what is required to successfully accomplish a job. Existing employees are measured on their performance of work, based on this same knowledge and understanding. Bottom line – if an organization does not have an accurate picture of what its people do, then there is no way to know how to improve performance, to discover and remove inefficiencies in the job, or to simply grow. This knowledge is gained through the careful collection of detailed, accurate workforce analytic data. Once data is gathered and processed, organizations have a solid, scientifically-proven understanding of how their workforce functions.

SkillsNET brings cutting-edge research for skills identification and development to the workplace utilizing a new structure – one allowing rapid and valid design and delivery of solutions constituent with the needs of industry. SkillsNET is founded upon the belief that a dual approach to addressing workforce initiatives is superior to most traditional approaches: We believe a focus on initial research and development should be followed by an equally strong focus on technology and application. This blended approach provides accurate data in an amazingly cost and time efficient manner, enabling organizations to optimize their workforce in real time – concurrent with changing market forces. By successfully combining science and technology SkillsNET advance skill content management with superior service solutions and best practices architecture.

Listen to our Founder, Michael Brown, speak about SkillsNET on American Airline’s Sky Radio.

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“We worked with a company called SkillsNET® because its algorithm is linked to the Department of Labor statistics and standards. When you are done doing the Job Task Analysis (JTA), you take that data and apply it to the algorithm and out comes a series of SkillObjects. SkillObjects are simply a way of bundling knowledge, skills, abilities and training into small, manageable, chunks of human resource data… Because of the SkillObjects we know what skills they [sailors] will need… and since we are more effectively utilizing our manpower, we can then optimally man our units.”
Commander, Naval Education and Training Command, Vice Adm. J. Kevin Moran at the FORCEnet Engineering Conference briefing the Sea Warrior vision

“The SkillsNET approach gives the United States Navy flexibility in defining the skills necessary for particular positions and providing training and career development opportunities tailored to individual service members.”
Spokesperson, Naval Air Warfare Center

“The company’s software helps employers compare what skills their employees need to what skills they actually have, and then devises a plan for bridging any gaps.”
Dallas Business Journal

“SkillsNET’s web-based applications give companies the ability to track internal talent in a sophisticated way. Large companies often have a hard time keeping track of – and maximizing – individuals within their organizations because they’re so complex. Being able to tell a company where its resident talent lies is an interesting opportunity.”Craig Jones, Managing Partner, Ticonderoga Capital (Inc 500 Hottest Companies to Investors)